Jun 14, 2006


first, an update to the david lee roth thing (see post below). one of my two readers told me that nbc, which is the copyright holder, pulled the video from the site I was linking to (they were probably embarrassed). Thanks, for the headsup, Mike! In case you missed it, the video was of DLR on the Jay Leno show, doing a bluegrass version of shout. It was horrible..

I share an office with two other people. The other two people happen to be on vacation right now - one just left a couple of hours ago, the other returns tomorrow. But for about 3 hours here, I am utterly alone with nobody to talk to (who am I kidding - we're software guys - we don't talk to each other that much anyway). Still, it's kind of strange - the three of us have our own pet projects - each project is assigned a primary and a backup, and the leftover person is assumed to be a backup to the backup. Of course, I am the backup to the backup for several projects here - A problem happening at the same time as a the primary and the backup for that problem are unavailable would be exceedingly rare, but right now it's as likely to happen as any time.

Of course you know nothing is wrong. If it were, I wouldn't be typing this right now.

Also adding to the alone factor is the unfortunate coincidence that my wife is leaving town tonight on business for a couple of days - so it's just me and the baby to fend for ourselves. Sounds like fun. By the way, she brought our new ipod with her, so she can have something to listen to on the plane. for the first time in four days, I am ipod-less.

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