Jun 7, 2006

self-indulgence (part 2)

Note - if you haven't read self indulgence part 1 yet, scroll down a bit and read it, then come back here.

Sorry for breaking this into two parts. I was writing part one on my blackberry, and my typing is slow as molasses on that thing. My train pulled in and I hit submit.

Where was I? Oh yes - Trinity Softball. We're winners. woot.

Next order of business is this web site..
Since self-indulgence part 1, a lot has happened. In 4 hours. wow. I can't honestly say I redesigned this site, because there's not much of a design to it. Rather, I kind of "re-laid" it out. It used to be three columns, now it's two. I consolidated some content, removed some other content - gone is the pond-skimming picture - not because I don't like it, but because I don't have a place to put it. Most interestingly (to me, anyway) is the google feed that I've set up on the left - which are articles from my google reader (see part 1) that I found interesting enough to add to this site. One click in google reader and it's here. Pretty crazy. The way I have it set up, there are probably 50 articles/day that come through and I read (at least the summaries) of all of them. If I find one particularly interesting, I flag it and it's instantly on this site, in that little box to the left.

Back to Trinity, we've released a CD of our spring concert from 2005, and the work they put into it is nothing short of astounding. I'm not at liberty to give a sample of its contents, but what I can do is provide a Link to where you can go buy it. If you're a christian, you're really going to love this CD. If you're not a christian, you're at least going to be impressed by the quality of the music.

I finally broke down and bought an iPod! Just picked it up at Costco. Nano 4GB. I think I'm the last person in New York to own one. I loaded the CD I was just talking about, about 30 hours of sermons, and some other stuff I had onto it..

I hate umbrellas.

Work is crazy.

That's about all I can think of at the moment.

Have a great day!

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