Jul 4, 2006

4 miles

Ran a 4-miler today. One of those where I felt great at the end of the run, not so great during the run. It was brutally hot out.. actually, it wasn't the heat, it was the humidity. Felt like Florida. Really rough. Plus, being that it is July 4th, the park was filled with people, and I had a lot of dodging to do - almost mowed over a little girl who walked right into my path.

My normal running path is the inner loop around Rockland Lake - a 3 mile flat paved path - click on the link to see a map of it. On Sunday, I ran 6 miles - two laps of this route. Thanks to the linked USATF.org site, however, I was able to map this 4 mile variation of the 3 mile route - Yay! I am no longer forced to run in multiples of 3 miles!

Took me about 46 minutes to finish - 11 1/2 minute miles.. maybe 30 seconds slower than a pace I'm capable of for three miles, but a minute and a half faster than what I ran the 6 miler on in Saturday. Once again, a goal of mine, which I didn't reach last year, is to run the 3-mile loop in under 30 minutes.

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