Aug 20, 2006

4.5 miles yesterday. 3 miles the day before.

this is what i look like after running 3 miles in 31:15 (picture taken august 8)

I was in Hazlet, NJ yesterday for a block party at my cousin's place, and yeah. There was a lot of food there and I was quite the glutton. Oh well. I sneaked out of the party and ran 4.5 miles though - it's great when someone stops their car on a busy street to ask a runner with headphones for directions - especially when the runner is 60 miles from home and not even 100% sure he's going in the right direction. And I swear - some cum dumpster jersey high-school chick in a stereotypical jersey white-trash american convertible car sounds just like screeching tires when screaming out the window when driving up to a jogger from behind - but I digress. I was supposed to take the weekend off, but my run from friday, which was planned to be 6 miles, was only 3. boo hoo, I had to run.

It did bring my total for the week up above 20 miles (20.5, to be exact).

Oh, friday...

Friday's run SUCKED. I don't know why. I took it easy because I was planning on running 6 miles, yet even at the 12 minute per mile pace I was cooked at three miles. Like I said, I'm not sure why, but I did know that I had to make up those miles. It was pretty hot, but not too hot. It was kind of humid, but not oppressively.

This is what three italian guys from brooklyn look like when standing next to an italian guy from queens:

(for scale, I am in the yellow shirt, and weight 320 lbs at 6'6". I'm from queens.)

So according to my training schedule, mileage this week was supposed to be 18 with no long run - next week would have a 10-mile long run. I did the 10-mile long run this week and 20.5 miles - so I'm ahead of schedule. In two weeks, I'm not supposed to have any long run again, but I would have a 13-miler in three weeks. Hopefully, I'll pull off a 12-mile long run this week, to stay ahead of schedule.

Gotta improve my nutrition now. No more Hazlett block party hamburgers, sausage and cupcakes, and more monster cantalope filled with lowfat cottage cheese..

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