Aug 25, 2006

6 miles monday, 9 miles thursday

well, as the title implies, I ran 15 miles so far this week. They were a tough 15 miles. monday's 6-mile run had my legs begging to quit at mile 3 - I pushed through another lap. Thursday's nine-miler also was tough - the last two miles were really long and painful. temperatures on both days were in the upper 80s, with moderate humidity. I'm starting to show a few symptoms of overtraining - my resting heart rate has gone up about 6 beats/minute, plus I'm getting a little moderate joint pain. I am going to assume that the joint pain is being caused by the cushining on my shoes wearing out (I've logged 100 miles on them), so I picked up a new pair of runners yesterday - but there's no explanation for the heightened RHR except overtraining. Next week I'm going to hold back a little - probably run about 12-15 miles total with no long runs - just to allow my body to recover a little. Convenient that joey will be out of school next week, so I can't really run during the day anyway. I am still ahead of my training schedule, but next week will allow the schedule to catch up a bit.

We're going to Vermont tonight, and to New Hampshire tomorrow morning. The Mt. Washington Hike has been postponed, but that doesn't mean joey can't ride the cog railroad up the hill. So instead of hiking, I'll just ride up with them. It'll be my 24th state highpoint. Conveniently, the vaseline I use to prevent chafing when running will come in handy when they bend me over at the ticket counter - $57 for adults to ride the silly thing.

Photos will be posted early next week.


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