Sep 15, 2006

resetting the maintenance light on a 2006 honda odyssey

how to reset the oil change light on a 2006 honda odyssey.

the internet (or at least google) is sadly lacking in the information that I needed to do it, and I intend to change that with this post.
here are some keywords so google will pick it up:
oil change light maintenance light wrench light reminder reset resetting

I couldn't find that secret part of the owner's manual where it is supposedly located - and the things I did turn up in google must have been for other cars. So I tinkered and figured out how to do it:
Turn the key to on.
push the odometer button until the "oil life" thingy comes up
hold that button down for a good damn long time (15 seconds?), until the screen starts to blink
release the button, then hold it down again for a long time, and it'll reset itself.