Sep 6, 2006

steve tursi pilots a REAL plane

Here's a really cool comment posted to an earlier livejournal entry of mine:

How weird! 2006-09-05 06:05 am UTC

Well, lets see.. I just randomly stumbled upon this site when I did a google search of my name. Would it be weird if I told you that I used to work as a flight instructor out of Teterboro? Would it be stranger to also tell you that I have flown that very same aircraft (tail# N89721) you all are jogging after? I got a better one for ya, my name is also Steve Tursi! What a strange coincidence that two of us were literally feet away without ever knowing it! What a small world! haha

How cool is that?

Well, steve, if you're still here - may I point out to you the livejournal entry from May 9, 2006 where I, too, googled my own name and found half-a-dozen other steven tursis, including the myspace page of a steven tursi from queens who happened to be a pilot. Any relation? That myspace page is now gone, by the way.

Moving right along, I thought I'd share some inspiring before/after pictures of people who've lost a lot of weight.

First off, we have Dennis from California, who went from 395 to about 225 between September 2005 and July 2006. I came across him on a running message board.

(edit - I had to rehost the images because blogger prohibits external links)

Then, via a link from a skiing message board, we have a John Doe, who went from 465 to 190 between December 2004 and September 2006 (scroll down a bit.)

Dennis' weblog can be found at

running update.

I ended up taking 11 consecutive days off from running, which was way too much - more than I needed - but I did need some time off to recover from the training I had been doing. My last run before the hiatus was a 9 miler on August 24th, which I did in just under 2 hours. On September 5 (yesterday), I ran a 3 mile tempo-run around Rockland Lake. It was raining. My time, 31:15, about a minute slower than my last 3-miler, indicated that I had indeed lost a little bit of the cardiovascular fitness, but it wasn't drastic or severe. Still, I was dissapointed. Today, I did three miles on trails - and for kicks, I included a ½-mile long hill where I gain about 400 feet. It was tough, but definitely doable and I am excited about starting to incorporate hills into my training program.

My immediate goal is to stay on schedule and not fall behind. To that end, I am scheduled to run 23 miles this week with a 13-miler long run, and I'm going to do my damnest to get it done. The plan is to run a 3,3,4,13, and I've already done the two three's. However, I feel like I really need to re-acclimate myself to longer distances before running the 13er, and 4 isn't going to cut it. So I am instead planning on running a 6-9 miler tomorrow, taking friday off to recover, and then the 13 miler on saturday.

I'll have a better idea of how saturday will go after tomorrow's run.


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