Nov 22, 2006

i'm basically a junky in need of a fix

killington is opening tomorrow (thanksgiving) for the 2006-07 ski season. it's the latest opening in at least 37 years, probably 43 years. Last year they closed on May 1st, which is the earliest closing in 33 years. It all adds up to the longest off-season in decades, on the order of about 205 days.

we're heading up this afternoon to vermont and are going to spend our first night in this year's ski house, which is enourmous. Tomorrow, at 7:59am, I am going to be standing near the front of a lift line, ready to get my first turns of the season.

yeah, i am a junky. waiting for opening day has been difficult. i've been unproductive in my work, lazy in my personal affairs, and slacking in my training. i've got skiing on the brain, and every day things are more difficult to manage. after tomorrow, things should be better.

speaking of after tomorrow, that will be joey's first day on skis! i called up today and bought his season pass - which, for two year-olds, includes daycare, two daily one-hour ski sessions, lunch, and equipment rentals. it cost twice as much as me and alex's ski passes combined. cha-ching.. but hopefully, it'll be well-worth it. two of his best friends are in the same program, and that basically means he'll enjoy it..

I ran three miles last friday.

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