Dec 2, 2006

sitting at jfk..

well, my flight was scheduled to leave at 7:45pm. It's now 12:33am, and I have about another hour before I can leave. Now I didn't see it personally, but I hear a bunch of people repeating first-hand accounts of a tornado-sighting outside. A friggin' tornado hits JFK - that's pretty cool. While I'm here waiting to get out - not so cool.

It all adds up to 9 hours in the Jetblue terminal at JFK. complete with a wife and kid and $10 beers. But I will say this - jetblue effin rocks for making their JFK terminal a free wireless hotspot. I am fine passing the time on the internet - I even got a little work done. But it is a strange sight... people are sleeping in the middle of the floor - it's like we're a bunch of refugees.

12:36am.. well, that killed 3 minutes. back to google reader..

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