Apr 9, 2007

easter gluttony

Had a nice big indulgent meal for easter yesterday.
It was yummy, but it's over now. time to get back on track.

the more I think about "340 to 3:40 in 2007", the more I want to go for it. So screw it, I'm going for it. A 3:40 marathon seems like a dream goal right now, but I know that it won't seem so unattainable this july.

The preperation looks like this: Two stages with a transition period between them - first, the weight loss stage - about 1/3 done. Characterized by light jogging a few days per week and very low calorie intake. In June and July, I'll gradually transition to the training stage - by consuming more calories to support the speedwork and hill training I'll be doing. By the end of July, 16 weeks from Philadelphia, I'll be in a traditional marathon training program.

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