Apr 6, 2007

nice day today

skied 12" of fresh blower powder at killington today. it's been a while since killington was so nice in april.
it would have been great if pico was open today, but they're closed for the season. still, it was almost worth hiking pico, because the conditions would have been that good.

some of the runs that killington didn't bother to reopen this week were in unbelieveable condition - on lower pipe dream, which I had to duck under a rope for, I found thigh-deep powder and my first ever face-shots (when the snow is deflected into your face as you ski it). It's nice to eat snow and ski at the same time..

dietwise, things are ok. had a 1000-calorie day today, 1200 calories yesterday. I hit 307 the other day, and I'd like to be below 300 by easter. we'll see.

in other news - the METS ARE KILLING IT RIGHT NOW!!
I just watched them win their fourth game, by a score of 11-1 against the previously undefeated braves, giving the braves their worst (or best?) home opener in franchise history. now, there are only two undefeated teams left in baseball, and the mets are one of them. awesome.

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