May 23, 2007


popular science bit directered me to, which was my inspiration for spending four hours on monday doing this:

(note the hinged bottom - i can swing the whole thing down and access the back!)

back on the diet, 1000 calories or so per day. as of this morning i'm already just 3 lbs away from where i was 4 weeks ago (when i left for california and experienced excessive gluttony.)

other stuff:
lenny dykstra washed my father's car

and he changed the oil, too

It's pretty surreal when the LA Times does features on a guy you used to hang out with.,0,4021008.story

A Pat Cooper promotional video:

supporting photos for my claim to the TSA about the missing iPod.

gnarly-looking thunderstorm, taken from 36,000 feet:

that was a big train set:

my brother works at starbucks. so does my sister. my son does not.

the mountain that almost killed me.. i had my first beer in 2007 when i got down. the report is halfway done.

that's all for today.

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