May 6, 2007

lowpoints & yasso 800s

here is an interesting article about yasso 800s:

different subject--

i talk so much about highpoints.. but many highpointers like to talk about "lowpoints." personally, i don't see the point of visiting the lowest point of every state, since most states have lowpoints like "the jersey shore" or "the south shore of long island" or "the southernmost point of the shoreline of the mississippi river." but there are exceptions - lowpoints that are actually interesting - and california's is one of them:

badwater, in death valley, is actually the lowest (dry) point in the western hemisphere. interesting place.

and, as the name implies, there actually is water there - not much - in fact, little more than a salty puddle fed from the area's water table..

10,000 years ago, the entire area was filled with an enourmous lake - called "manly", which was created by melting glaciers, mostly from the sierras, two mountain ranges to the west.

anticipating your next question, it topped out at about 110ยบ the day we were there.

My camera's zoom was set to maximum in this photograph. fun representation of sea level, 282 feet above us.

and.. if pictures of death valley bore you to death, maybe you'll find this picture, taken in (relatively) nearby pahrump, nevada, interesting:

tomorrow - pictures from bodie. and maybe some yosemite pictures, too.

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