Aug 19, 2007


wo hop

today's post isn't going to be long, but in case anybody wants to know - yes, i completed the 21 days of consecutive running challenge. i even unofficially ran on day 22 - when I took joey to mohonk and we did some trail running together. really! it was a blast! and - cool weather - leaves changing color already - i'm psyched!!

or at least i was psyched until today.

yesterday was great.. today - what a drag.
We got to church and found out that a guy who goes to our church - a rugby player who was injured in a game - died last night. he has a two kids, aged 4 and 10. it really was a drag, and kind of put me in a crummy mood.

we got home and i was just in a funk.. so i laid down and took a nap. when i woke up, i had a ping on instant messenger - news that another friend of mine - who is fighting cancer - got some REALLY bad news today. the outlook does not look good.

anyway, today was not fun. i didn't feel like running or doing anything, really. i felt bad because joey wanted to play and i just didn't have the energy.

in other news, i am signing up for a marathon next friday morning. i'll post more details about it later.


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