Aug 2, 2007

Wait, what?!? Recognition?!

I am a ring bearer. I bear rings.

The host of "Phedippidations - Thoughts, Opinions, Observations, and Rambling Diatribes Composed During Distance Long Runs", repeatedly refers his podcast and himself as "goofy." Today, he proved just how goofy he is by making my silly blog his "featured blog of the week." I mean, what was he thinking??

Seriously.. SteveRunner, thanks for the recognition. I know you don't think you deserve it, but I really look up to you, and it means a lot to me that you'd even read my blog, much less feature it on your podcast. Who knows, as a result of this, I might increase my number of concerned readers to 3! wow!

Everyone who doesn't know about Phedippidations ought to go to and give it a listen. It certainly is better than anything on TV these days, which, I know, is not saying much. But give it a try, maybe you'll like it too.


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