Oct 19, 2007

A real conversation with my son

Since when are slip 'n slides inflatable??

Joe: "Daddy, who made us?"
Steve: "God did."
J: "Who made the earth?"
S: "God."
J: "Who made space?"
S: "God."
J: "Who made the monsters on space jam?"
S: "uhh..."

Busy weekend coming up for us. I'm leaving in a few hours for Newport, Rhode Island, where I'll run in the Breaker's Marathon. It'll be my third attempt at the 26.2 mile distance and I'm going to press very hard to break six hours. I feel like, if I have a great day and everything clicks, I could potentially run a 5:30 - but my goal for tomorrow is 6.

After the marathon, we're heading up to Ludlow, VT for a pre-season snow party!

Then, I'll sleep in the back of my van, and leave early Sunday morning to return to Rhode Island to drop off Joey in Providence, then drive one hour southeast to attend a wedding in Mystic CT, then drive back to Providence, then, late Sunday night, head home to Suffern.



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