Aug 21, 2008


Sorry about the crummy photo, but...

The Tram Road from about 10 miles away. Notice the airplane in the foreground.

Am I overthinking this 50 mile thing? I mean, at this point, there's nothing I can do but just sack up and get it done. Spending any mental energy thinking or worrying about it is going to do me no good..

Well, I think that is obvious. Here's a better question - is there anyway at this point to avoid spending mental energy and worrying about it?

Oh, by the way -
Fred's mountain ("Most difficult" part of the course, will climb it twice in the 50-miler):
1810 ft of gain in 2.7 miles - 670 feet of gain per mile
And the tram road in Palm Springs (I have done it twice, and once under an hour):
2643 ft of gain in 3.7 miles - 714 feet of gain per mile

The comparison really helps me not freak out so much. Cuz freaking out is just not going to do me any good.

Hey Steve, what were those links again?
short live updates on my condition during the race (this also updates my facebook status.)

Another link that'll be interesting for the stalkers out there

Here's an official race link that'll provide live results:

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