Sep 24, 2008

Same event, two different years, two different distances

The George Wodicka Hook Mountain Half Marathon and 5K

The left is from April 17, 2005. I ran the 5K that year.
The right is from April 13, 2008. I ran the Half-Marathon.

Both are pictures of me finishing the race, at the same event & the same place, but three years apart and 10 miles difference.

The half-marathon in 2008 was easier than the 5K in 2005.

I'm grimacing in 2005, smiling in 2008.

I'm ~350 lbs in 2005, ~300 lbs in 2008.

For some reason, putting these two photos together is fascinating to me.

Rocky Raccoon 100

It's September 24 and I still weigh ~295. On February 7, 2009, I want to be ~250lbs at most, preferably 225. Technically, even 225 is too much for my height at 6'6". But I have to do something. 100 miles will be a lot less forgiving than 13.1. getting to 250 would require losing 2.3 lbs per week. 225 would require 3.6 lbs. Definitely doable, but my discipline.. blech..


  1. Hey Steve! What a difference, to see those pics side by side! 50lbs is great! What are you doing for weight loss? I just log on now but used to do weight watchers and loved it. Rocky is a PERFECT first 100.

  2. Hi Meredith!

    Hate to say it, but the honest-to-god truth is I lost the weight with severe prolonged calorie restriction. Two months at 1000 calories per day did the trick for the bulk of the weight. Couldn't really run at the time, no energy for it. Resumed running when I got to about 290, which kept me from gaining most of it back. I'm still a yoyo though.. In the past year I've been as high as 310 and as low as 270.

    Old habits die hard.

    The DNF at GTR was the kick-in-the-head motivation, and actually an underlying reason for committing to RR100 - I'd better lose some serious weight in the next 5 months or I'll die out there. I'll go into more detail in a future blog post, but I am investing a great deal of emotional energy and self-expectation into RR and the training and weight loss I'm going to need to go through in order to finish it.

    As far as sites, I use to log every calorie I eat, when I'm being good. It's nice because it's free and forces me to control my portions. The hard part for me is staying on it consistently.

    Thanks so much for the kind words!


  3. Weight is hard and, unfortunately, i lost some weight this year (that is not the unfortunate part) and my speed did pick up. I never wanted to think it was my weight. It is VERY hard to lose weight, not fun, and gaining weight is WAYYYYY more exciting, at least the foods are! ha! i used to use fitday, but switched to sparkpeople. Same idea, a little flashier and more user friendly.

    RR100 is a great motivator. The DNF at the Tetons had little to do with you. It is a brutal race. I finished the 100 last year and it almost killed me last year. Not sure why i went back this year! RR100 will be a walk in the park in comparison. Great course, easy, pretty flat. If you work on that powerwalking, you will finish that race. :)

  4. those 2 pictures are very different! to see those side by side must be inspiring for you. congrats on all your progress!

  5. Wow! That's amazing to see the side by sides. It's like you got younger or something. Congratulations, and keep it up!