Oct 8, 2008

October project: week 1 done

Our last ever game at shea stadium

So here I am, one week into the October project (10p), my goal to run at least 1 mile every day in the month of October.

I am lying in bed with a fever. Called in sick today.

Here is the week, so far:
10p01: 1.9m, 8:54 pace. ran home from work. went super fast for me.
10p02: 1.5m, 9:25 pace. Still very fast for me.
10p03: 1m, 9:16 pace. Track. Went fast on purpose, but still.. three fast days in a row.
10p04: 3m, 10:02 pace. slower, but still too fast given the 3-mile distance
10p05: 1.3m, 9:21 pace. trails. see a pattern here?
10p06: 3.26m, 10:47 pace. ran home from work, took scenic route. finally kept the pace under control.
10p07: 1.7m, 10:30 pace. pace under control again, but i was getting sick.

and that brings me to today.
I just got back from the doctor, who said that I can continue running ... IF I watch out for warning signs (don't kill yourself out there.) I neglected to mention that I was running a marathon this weekend. (:
I feel crappy right now, but just took some tylenol which hopefully will get my fever under control. maybe in a couple of hours, when the tylenol kicks in, i'll go to a track, put in 4 laps to keep the project going, then go to bed early.

we'll see..

so yeah, by the way.. this weekend is the chicago marathon. as of right now, it's still on. rizzo's counting on me.. (:


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