Feb 25, 2009

5 running goals in 2009: A Status Update

I wrote these goals on December 31st, but for no apparent reason I never published it on the blog:

1. Average 125 miles per month (1500 miles total)
2. Have no less than 100 miles in each month.
3. Average 23 runs per month (300 runs total.)
4. Lose 75 lbs: weigh less than 225 lbs.
5. Run a marathon or longer distance in each month.

What does it emphasize? Something that I've chronically lacked in the past: consistency. And in order to be consistent, I need to check my status often. It feels like I've been consistent, but what do the facts say?

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Thought I'd line up every pair of shoes I own right now. The results are scary.

Status check - as of February 25th:

1. Should have run 230 miles by now, only ran 205, behind by 25 miles!
2. So far so good.
3. Should have 46 runs by now, only have 24, behind by 22 runs!
4. Should have lost 10.5lbs so far, actually have lost 8. behind by 2.5lbs!
5. So far so good.

Behind in 3 items out of 5. Doh!!

I'm doing horrible in the area of total runs. This is critically important to me. I really want to get daily mileage up. I can get caught up with a few 2-a-days, but the intended habit is running 5-6 days per week.

Total miles is also behind. 1500 miles is less than 30 miles per week. average 4.1 miles per day. I should be able to get caught up with only a couple of big weeks, like this one: Already at 10 miles with 4 days to go: including sunday, a 50K.

Weight is marginally good, but I was well ahead of schedule a few weeks ago. It's hard for me. I overeat in waves, and end up yo-yoing. I'm slowly getting into the habit of eating smaller meals more often, but the inconsistency is killing me. No whining, that's just the way it is.

So, in March, I should be able to get caught up in two of those areas. The total runs area is going to take longer, but hopefully by May I'll be in good shape again.

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I got rid of some of my shoes! Yay!

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