Feb 17, 2009

a quick running story

Joey: A self-portrait

on monday, I had a couple of hours to kill with my son joey.. so I found a high school track and I thought I'd get a quick run in. Since he's 5, he'd run a lap with me and just hang out the rest of the time. I figured maybe a mile before he got bored and asked to leave, two if I'm lucky.

"Joey, how many laps do you want me to do?"



I ran the first few laps like I was only going to do 4-6, because I knew he'd get bored..

do you know, that little effer sat down and watched me huff out 20 laps at a pace suitable for 8???

Around lap 8 or 9, 20 minutes in, I asked, "How many do you want me to do now?"


13th lap: "Still want me to do 20?"


I did slow down by lap 12, but still - those first couple of of laps took their toll!! it ended up being a really solid 5-mile run!

As a result, here's Monday's training run report: 5 track miles in 50:49. Ran hard.

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