Dec 23, 2009

Joey's White Belt

Joey started Taekwondo this month and, not three weeks into it, tested for and received his white belt.

Joey had to do the Koom Sai On form in front of a group of about 50 spectators (parents, mostly) as well as all the instructors, including two masters (I think.)

Here he is receiving his white belt from Master Al Quiceno.

Here he is with Master Al after the tests were over.

In order to become a black belt, Joey must run 3 miles in 40 minutes (at whatever age he is), play chess against Master Al, and jump a rope 1000 consecutive times - among other things. I'm rather proud to say that his endurance is very well developed. In September, at 5 years old, he climbed more than 1000 vertical feet halfway up Fred's Mountain - from 8000' to 9000' with only 12 hours of acclimatization at elevation. He can also run 400 meters in just over two minutes, and can easily run a half-mile at an easy pace. His test for black belt is still years away, so I think he'll be ok, at least with the endurance stuff.

Joey at 9000'

As an aside, as part of the tests, the school did some demonstrations, including board-breaking. I was taking pictures, and got this shot that I wanted to share:

That is one of the best shots I've ever taken. I took 10,000 pictures to get one like that. I'll gladly take another 10,000 to get another one. Of course, I won't have to take 10,000 to get another great one if I had this kind of equipment:

Anyone got $5000 they can lend give me?

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  1. congrats Joey!! watch out, he may kick your butt one day ... I know that's Sam goal with Matt. :)
    and yes, that is a pretty awesome shot you got!

  2. hi katie,

    joey had a goal to beat me up since he was 6 months old! (: