Jan 25, 2010

Listerv Gold Part IV - 100 miles is a long way

Time for another edition of Ultrarunning Listserv Gold, a semi-regular feature of this blog where I quote something I found inspiring, interesting, or generally valuable on one of the various ultrarunning email distribution lists I subscribe to. To view all editions of ULG, please click here.

After finishing my first 100, the next one was much easier, just because I knew I could do it. It sounds like you have a mission to make Leadville your first 100. But, in my opinion, you'd be MUCH better prepared for Leadville after finishing at least one other 100 first. Even if it's dead flat loops in a 24 hour event, or 'just' going 80-90 miles. It is going to give you a much better chance at finishing LV. A hundred miles is a long way. It's a hell of a long way when you're not sure you can do it. Throw in a couple of laps on Hope Pass and it could be pretty daunting. -Joe Judd

This is not the first time I've published something Joe Judd wrote to ULG.

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