Mar 31, 2010

March Recap and April Goals

Ran 27 out of 31 days in 28 distinct workouts
Total Mileage: 165

Ran 86 out of 90 days in 89 distinct workouts.
Total Mileage: 388

Here were my goals in March:

1. Run at least one mile every day.
FAIL. The streak ended the Sunday after Umstead, when I contracted a stomach flu which killed my appetite and made me generally miserable (including nauseous.) I finally took the advice of a much smarter, more experienced runner than me, when he said, "Don't even think about running today." I'm not sure I could have run a mile if I wanted to. With the streak over, I am taking this opportunity to rest. My left leg in particular feels like it could benefit from a week of not running at all.

2. One long run of 18 miles
SUCCESS! Due to a last minute decision to run the Caumsett 50K, I actually got in a long run of 31 miles on knee-pounding asphalt, and added 6 track miles the next day for good measure. That was my only run over 10 miles this month, but I had a bunch of runs in the 6-9 mile range.

3. Three ascents of Bear Mountain
FAIL. Zero on this one. However, I did get a respectable amount of hill training in on my regular runs. Nothing the caliber of Bear Mountain, what I got in is very encouraging because I did well.

4. Log everything I eat
FAIL!!! Like last month, I don't even want to go there.

5. Don't quit at Umstead
FAIL, but I'm kind of glad I did. I dropped at 12:15am, and would have been pulled at 8:00am. Those 7 hours and 45 minutes would have been pretty darn miserable and there would be no finish for me at the end of them. I'll write more about it on my race report on Friday.

April goals
I don't know. I think I'm just going to run.

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