Mar 8, 2010

Spontenaity (or, Caumsett 50K quick update)

On Saturday night I decided to run the Caumsett 50K the next day.

Had I decided to do this before Friday's blog post, I would have posted my traditional "race preview" thingy then. It would have said something like this:

* My last chance to get a long run in before Umstead
* I think I can PR.
* I want to test my fitness for Umstead.
* I want to test some race strategies for Umstead.
* I'm a little worried about my hamstring.

I'll post a full report on Wednesday, but here's a quick update:

Finished in 6:55:08 (my watch's time.) I can't claim to have run a very smart race, and I thus spent missed my goal of a PR by about 8 minutes, but overall I had a lot of fun and saw a lot of great friends. My hamstring had my attention in the first 10K, but it was never painful. After 10K I never even felt it.

By the way, ultrarunning is a small world. I think I knew half the people who were there.

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