Mar 24, 2010

Umstead Preview #4: Banish the doubts, run and have fun.

A combined preview/listservGold post. Credit goes to Karl King, this time from the Yahoo group:

"The last race I completed was a 50 miler but I was in my thirties and training was very different."

Eric, oh ye of little faith.... I started running ( 1 mile ) at age 42. 3 years later I did 50K/50 miles. Ran VT 100 at age 49.5 on 6 months of 25 mile/week training, with my longest week being 42 miles. You are way, way better off than that. Banish the doubts, run and have fun. -Karl King

There's a lot more I can say right now, but that would just be a diversion from how I really feel: LET'S GET IT ON!!

tick tock tick tock..

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