Apr 19, 2010

Running Hope Through America

This morning I was lucky and privileged enough to be able to see the start and run the first three miles of Lisa Smith-Batchen's project to run 50 miles in each of the 50 states in two months.

Lisa Smith-Batchen and Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd. Photo by Tom Sperduto Photography
The project, called Running Hope Through America, has a goal of raising $1,000,000 to benefit orphans of AIDS victims in third world countries. Sister Mary-Elizabeth Lloyd, who is participating in the project with Lisa and will run many of the 2500 miles with her, has an organization called AIDS Orphans Rising, in which she provides care and support to the kids orphaned by parents who died of AIDS.

Sister Marybeth being interviewed in pre-dawn hours this morning, immediately prior to the start
The start of a 2500-mile run begins just like the start of every other run. At 5:30AM, we stepped on the course and just started running. In New Jersey, she is doing a number of 1.5 mile laps in a park near Morristown. There were about 40 of us who ran with her the first lap, and maybe 20 on the second lap. True to form, Both Lisa and Sister MB were super-excited and thrilled to see everyone there - and their excitement was contagious. I was truly thrilled to be there. I reluctantly left after two laps (work responsibilities prevailed), but it was very much worth the 90-minute round-trip drive for a 3-mile run.

Please visit the project's web site and support Lisa and Sister Marybeth! http://www.runhope.com

(Hook Mountain Half Race Report will be posted on Wednesday)

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