May 19, 2010


That is what I weighed on Monday morning.

Yeah, I'm too heavy to do this, but damn - that was some tasty grilled cheese. (BTW, hi Tom.)
It's really not hard to figure out why I struggle so much in these races. It's not that I don't enjoy them - but I think I'd enjoy them more if I could somehow manage to level out the playing field. A loop course, where fit runners lap me repeatedly, is profoundly impactful. I get envious of those who seemingly run effortlessly by comparison.

On the other hand, sometimes I wonder if, deep down, I enjoy overeating more than I'd enjoy being thin. My first reaction would be to say, "No way", but if I were looking at someone else with the same history as me, it'd be hard for me to come to any other conclusion given the evidence.

I don't have an answer at this point.

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1 comment:

  1. You can do it, Steve. I don't know anything about your diet, but have you tried eating different foods? Eat more fresh fruits and veggies!

    Anyway, don't beat yourself up. Focus on what you HAVE accomplished!