May 12, 2010

Race Preview - Three days at the Fair 48-hour race

This Friday morning at 9am, I will be making my third attempt at 100 miles at the 3 days at the Fair 48-hour race in Augusta, NJ (Sussex County.)

For those of you who read my post two weeks ago about 48-hour strategy, well - the new strategy is that I will run this race like it's a 100 with a really long cutoff. When I reach 100 on Saturday afternoon, I will go home.

This will thus be a 30-33 hour race for me.

The course
The course is a USATF-Certified 0.8578-mile loop without an ideal surface for me: 90% asphalt and 10% crushed gravel. My knees won't be happy come Saturday afternoon but at least it'll be a bit faster than dirt. For my goal of 100 miles, I'll have to complete 117 laps. See the lap sheet for all the laps and mileages. (Yes, the winners will likely go well over 200 miles.)

As is usual, I will be tweeting updates from the course. You can follow @stevetursi on twitter for updates.

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