Jun 28, 2010

Badwater is less than two weeks away!

Less than 14 days until the start of Badwater! Ran with Tony on Friday after work and we're all psyched to get going!!!

This will be my third trip to death valley, but the first in the context of any sort of race. I went through some of the photos I shot on my first two trips, and thought I'd share some of them here.

Photos from April 2005 road trip:

Look ma, I'm hot! (it was actually only 105F)

Pahrump, NV - halfway between Las Vegas and Death Valley

Leaving Shoshone, CA

Somewhere between Shoshone and Badwater

Salt flats

The sign 275 feet above the road says, "Sea Level"

Yes, there is water at Badwater

Closer look at the water. Don't drink it.

~10 miles from the start of the race

Furnace Creek. Gas ain't cheap in the middle of nowhere

Photos from September 2004 road trip:
(probably before I ever heard of the badwater ultra)

Thermometer in the Shade. In September. After 5PM.

Ravens hold their mouths open, presumably to dissipate heat.

Sand Dunes outside Stovepipe Wells


My understanding of Tony's darkest moment in 2009 is probably near where I shot this.

Panamint Valley

Father Crowley Point

Exciting point in the race - the right turn onto 395 going into Lone Pine

Whitney Portal Road, Lone Pine

Mt Whitney

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