Jun 17, 2010

Listserv Gold Part VIII - Free Advice

I actually have two articles that I had planned to write for today. I was wondering all week which one I should post. And now, it's Thursday - I've been too busy and haven't finished either article.


Then, out of the blue, someone on the ultra list posted a link to an article on the Free Advice section of Stan Jensen's run100s.com web site (a site I visit often.) Free advice section?? I've not seen that!

If you go there, you'll find a couple dozen articles on ultrarunning. I've only read a couple (Really busy this week, remember?), but it seems like there's a mix of useful/serious stuff and funny stuff. Perfect.

So, hit the link above for the following articles:

How to reach 100 miles in 24 hours by Kevin Setnes
Running at altitude by Chip Tuthill
All about Ultras by Dana Roueche & Mick Grant
Trail running is better than sex by Don Herres
Downhill training a collection by George Beinhorn
Advice on your first 50-miler by Andy MacGinnitie
And a few more tips by Karl King
Various stuff about fluids
How to get to Grand Canyon by Jennifer Aviles
Grand Canyon II by Jennifer Aviles
The five "Hypos"
Jan Ryerse's tips: your first 100 to a sub-24hr 100
Ultra advice for low-mileage runners by Ed Furtaw
Various medical problems
You might enjoy ... by Brick Robbins (for Movin Shoes)
Some ultrarunners' occupations
Art of Pacing by Gary Wang
Ultra Philosophy by Eric Robinson
Quilts from T-shirts by Jackie Kelley
100 milers ranked by difficulty (a work in progress)
"Real Food" by Karl King
"Recovering from ultras" by Karl King
Other resources (UltraRunning, lists, etc.)
Trail Runners Test
Track Ultras checklist
Ultra Test
UltraWhining Test by Larry Gassan
"Top 10 Reasons to Run Ultramarathons" (PostScript version)
You know you're an Ultrarunner if ...
Some words of wisdom re: H2O by Karl King
Largest Ultras from UltraRunning
The Grand Slam: 4 months, 4 100s (start planning)
What is an Ultramarathon? by David Blaikie
Five Stages to Becoming an Ultrarunner by Matt Mahoney
Shawn McDonald's UR Advice
Heat index (temp. & humidity)
Your First 50-Miler by George Beinhorn

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