Jul 8, 2010

Death Valley bound


The mercury hit 103ºF in Central Park on Tuesday

Was just a mellowed-down sneak preview of this...

The mecurury will push 120ºF next Monday and Tuesday in Death Valley

I leave tonight. Psyched!!!

Important info!

Race starts Monday Morning.
Follow @IRunUltras on twitter, we will try to keep that updated with Tony's status: http://twitter.com/irunultras

If you want to know the actual temperature in Death Valley, most of the web sites you visit use sensors located 100 miles or more from the course! I have found only one site reading a sensor actually located in Death Valley proper - on the road between Stovepipe Wells and Furnace Creek  (specifically, where Rt. 190 and the road to Beatty, NV intersect): so click here for real current conditions! http://weather.weatherbug.com/CA/Death%20Valley-weather.html?zcode=z6286&stat=DTHVL

I will, of course, be posting updates as I can to my own twitter account. Also, there might not be a post to this blog on Monday - I might opt to wait until after the race to post a report from my perspective. That will be as early as Tuesday afternoon or as late as Thursday morning.

Did I happen to mention I was psyched??!?!?!

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