Aug 6, 2010

Taking our Chances with Failure

I stole this from Kim's blog today.

"Ultrarunners tend to play it safe.
They line up 'challenges' they know they can finish.
And run them carefully
Well within their 'limits'.
We believe that success is never failing.
At the Barkley success is about over-reaching our abilities,
and living to tell about it.
Sometimes success is getting your ass out alive.
Some people 'get' the Barkley. Some don't.
But the Barkley is all about leaving the comfort zone.
The Barkley is about taking our chances with failure.
True success is not the absence of failure,
It is the refusal to surrender."
-From Laz, Race Director of the Barkley

The decision has been made - it's time to stop second-guessing myself and put in five solid months of hard work.

Steve is taking a break from writing regularly scheduled updates to this blog.


  1. Great attitude. Good luck at ATY.

    I see you have Umstead listed as a future race. I am putting on the NJ 100 this year probably March 19 (if not then March 26). I got the go ahead today from the County on the permits. Just throwing it out there for you. It is a lot closer and less elevation. The course is a mix of dirt roads, dirt paths and fine gravel rail trails. Close enough that you could even come do a few practice loops.


  2. Hi Rick,

    Umstead has such a great vibe and I'd hate to pass that up. Plus, alex and joe really had a great time there last year and they want to go back.

    The idea of doing practice loops sounds intriguing, especially if it ends up on the 19th.. That would be well-timed to be a final long run. Maybe I'll do something like volunteer during the day and pace somebody at night. It's still a long ways off, so we'll see.. but right now that sounds like a good idea.

  3. Congrats on your decision! I look forward to reading about your training.

    :) Dusty