Oct 8, 2010

Joey's first grown-up race

Joey ran a 5K last Saturday at Rockland Lake with all the grown-ups. He ran every step!

Joey 5k
(mile 1)

I had a great time running with him, finding ways to motivate him as he started to get tired a couple miles in. He did slow down, but never stopped running.

Joey 5k 2
(mile 2)

Main motivation tactic? "Hey, look at that girl in front of us. She keeps looking over her shoulder at you. She wants to beat you. Do you want to let her do that?"

His time: 41:21, a minute or two in front of the girl, who we passed with a half-mile to go.

By the way, he didn't win his age group. In the age 0-15 age group, a 12-year-old ran 22 minutes. (!)

He is 6.

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