Dec 27, 2010

Preview: Across the Years 72-hour race

Put us all on a 500-meter track, and set a clock for 72 hours. Count how many times you can go around.

Like most people, I initially thought I'd hate this type of race. I have no idea how many people still hate this format after trying one, but I didn't. After doing the first half of a 48-hour race on a 1-mile course earlier this year, I knew I wanted to do it again.

So when the opportunity to do ATY-72 came up, I jumped on it. And now, 37 hours from the start, I'm pretty excited, kind of scared, and filled with eager anticipation.

The race is held in the western suburbs of Phoenix, and if you go to the race's web site (, you'll be able to track my progress. You'll also get to watch me go by on one of two webcams, and, most interestingly, you'll be able to send me a message - which gets printed out (like on paper) and placed in my personal mailbox. I would LOVE to get mail from you!!

As far as my typical twitter or facebook updates from the course, I would like to but am limited by the battery life of my phone. At the very most I'll be able to send them irregularly. Follow that stuff if you like, but I believe a 4am PST (7am EST) check-in to that web cam will be much more interesting..

As far as strategy, well - eat before I'm hungry, drink before I'm thirsty, walk before I'm tired. It all won't matter in the end as long as I keep going. I was thinking about some sort of involved sleep strategy, but right now I'm leaning toward the "try to stay awake and moving the whole time" idea, even though I probably won't be able to by the second and especially third night. But we'll see.

The race asked me to state a goal upon registering, and I said 150 miles.

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