Jul 8, 2011

Where have I been?

Well, look at that. Steve starts a new job and suddenly his blog is neglected into oblivion. Five hundred and thirty-something posts and then, nothing. Well, I must admit that things have indeed been busy but a two-month drought of posts to this blog is downright inexcusable. For weeks, millions of you have been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for a new post and I'm sure some have allowed doubt to set in. "Will Steve ever post again?" "Have we seen the last of Steve's brilliant writing??" And now, I humbly present to you, This - a post with essentially zero content and pointless rambling with empty promises of real content to come. Because, really. There are things going on and stuff I want to write about. I've had profound insights into a lot of topics these last two months and if I don't document them here they might as well not exist! I might even have a rare java-related post or two just to bore the socks off all of you who can't care less and shock the socks off the rest of ya's. But there are definitely topics in running that I want to talk about, too. And, of course, at least three race reports from May that I still need to write. So stay tuned! (Here comes the empty promise..) There is great stuff to come!

Good luck to all my friends who are running Badwater on Monday and Tuesday next week! Have a great time!