Oct 14, 2011

Obligatory I Haven't Posted in a Month Post

It's the middle of October and I haven't posted anything in a month. Usually this means things are going bad but that's not the case, quite the contrary. Weight loss is still stagnant but otherwise I'm still running every day, and even manged a 53-mile week last week. My pattern has been alternating between high-mileage and low-mileage weeks, which seems to be working for me. I'm pretty damned tired at the end of a 53-mile week and a few days of 3-milers seems to re-energize me.

 In other news, new 3-mile treadmill PR on Wednesday: 23:41. I have a 5K sponsored by my company a week from this Sunday and I'd like to PR there (current 5K pr is 26:49), which means I won't likely hit 50 miles next week either. The following week is the Marine Corps Marathon, and again no 50-mile week but I do intend to run the race hard. Definitely a PR effort.

 Looking forward to November, I registered for the Knickerbocker 60K again. That'll be a fun easy training day. Then - nothing until ATY. 200 miles!!

Going to keep this short and sweet today. Things are, after all, busy. (which is why I haven't posted in a month!)

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