Jan 21, 2014

2014 Week 3

Continuing my random thoughts about my runs and anything else that comes to mind. Again, not promising to do this every day or every week. Again, I am promising to post a photo of everything I eat here: http://instagram.com/stevetursi

Jan 15
4 mile run with the lifetime group. Nice climb up Ridge. 81 miles in the first 15 days of January.  I'm hungry.

In unrelated news, this morning was one of the strangest of my life. Three really weird things happened in two hours this morning. Something annoying but not a big deal happened, then I got some really neat but strange news, and finally a very bad very shocking thing happened.

But then I went on a run everything was OK and nothing else weird happened. At least not as of this writing.

Jan 16
For the first time ever, I ran from work to the NY state line and back. That was neat. 5 miles with Ami.

Jan 17
Worked from home. Snuck out at 4pm (after working through lunch) to get my run in before dark. Kingsbridge! It's been a while. Got back 35 minutes later and work was calling.

Jan 18
14 miles at Rockefeller with Tony, Cherie, and Georgia. Awesome morning. I need to start bringing gels to this so I can hang for longer than 2 hours or so.. two bananas just doesn't cut if for runs that long.
In the afternoon, after I had a steak, I went hashing. 3 more miles.

Jan 19
Tri club run. Which reminded me that I haven't rode or swum in months. 5.6 miles above LT pace. I then went to the gym where I lifted weights for a while, and finally to the bowling league where I had a kinda crummy day - 201-149-156 for a 506 series.

Jan 20
I meant to go to Bear Mountain and run a few laps. I ended up sleeping in, then working on the house (painting and stuff), and finally in the late afternoon literally "running" errands around town. 2+ miles. I needed a rest day anyway.

Jan 21
Earlier-than-expected arrival of snow. Post-work run. Uneven sidewalk under 2" of snow. That's why my 1-mile run turned into a 2-mile run - at a half mile, I fell flat and had to walk a bit before the pain would let me run again. Slowly. Two consecutive rest days? That's OK.

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