Oct 3, 2015

44 Breakfasts

This blog post is dedicated to the certain friend who admonished me a month ago for not updating my blog. And also to my other friend who gave me an idea for this post. You both know who you are, and I appreciate both of you's.

Quick update: Streak is still going strong - Day 1740 was today - 4 years 9 months. I have a couple of big races coming up: Ghost Train and One-Day, and I may register for ATY. In 2016 I am registered for Umstead, intend to register for Three Days and One Day, will enter the lottery for Western States, and will close out the year by running Ancient Oaks again.

Also, in case you missed it, there's a page of me being interviewed by Phil McCarthy about fixed-time racing in this article, which appeared in marathon and beyond. My stuff is on page109: https://marathonandbeyond.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/19.5_EditorsChoice.pdf

Now, onto the content:

I spent 44 days as a guest, working at Pivotal Labs in New York City. They offer a free breakfast every day to their employees and guests. I took a photo of 44 breakfasts.

Here they are, presented in order, most recent first.


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