Aug 5, 2004

california itinerary

well, we have about 20 people we want to see in the 7 days i'll have available in the beginning of my trip to california. i'm arriving in CA on august 23rd - and on the 30th i'm going to arizona to hike humphrey's peak. if you're a californian who is longing to see us, you should come with me on humphrey's - or if you don't have the guts to climb a 12,633' peak, then let me know and we'll at least get a beer at or near sea level. (:

so like i said, we're arriving on the 23rd, and on the 30th i'm going to arizona. on the 31st i'm going up humphrey's peak, and on the 1st i'm resting at the whitney portal for a summit attempt on the 2nd. on the 3rd-5th i'm going to be in las vegas on business. on the 6th i should be back in socal, and on the 7th i'm returning to NY on a flight that leaves at 7am..

shoot me an email if you want to chill.. literally at high elevations or figuratively in front of a beer.

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