Aug 6, 2004

weekend away from the rufus

hey first off lets give credit where credit's due - today is joey's 6-month birthday, and the fact that he has me as a father and hasn't run away yet in six months is a testament to his tenacity.

that said, we're running away from him - for the weekend. business in baltimore, and we're leaving the baby with his aunt in long island. poor kid. he has to spend the weekend in long island.

anyway, this being the first time my wife has been away from the baby, she's understandably freaked, and she gave me a thirty-page laundry list of things to do to prepare. so while i'm working on this thing, she gives me a call and asks me to add a few more pages to the list, i put her on hold for a second to do find something that she needed to pack. so while she's on hold, i decide to start - and finish - my packing. about 90 seconds later, i pick up the phone and inform her that while i had her on hold i just did all my packing, and everything else i'm doing today would be for her. she didn't get the joke, but felt like reminding me about something that i, sure enough, forgot. the joke's on me - it's going to take a full 2 minutes now for me to pack.

i'm not sure my car is big enough to handle all the crap thats in it..

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