Aug 20, 2004

dirty mexican food countdown

my plane arrives in LA at 8:50PM PDT on Monday night. I figure I will be eating dirty mexican food at albertos by Monday 8/23/04 10:30PM PDT that night. Right now it's Friday 8/20/04 11:30AM EDT in New York.

Lets figure this out here..
Monday 8/23/04 10:30PM PDT = Tuesday 8/24/04 1:30AM EDT

0 hours: Tuesday 8/24/04 1:30AM EDT
24 hours: Monday 8/23/04 1:30AM EDT
48 hours: Sunday 8/22/04 1:30AM EDT
72 hours: Saturday 8/22/04 1:30AM EDT
84 hours: Friday 8/20/04 11:30PM EDT
86 hours: Friday 8/20/04 11:30AM EDT

86 Hours until I'm munching on that tasty, decadent dirty mexican food!!
All hail the fine dirty mexican purveyors of the best food in the world!!

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