Aug 19, 2004

fast week

holy cow - i can't believe it's already thursday.. it feels like tuesday- and it's really hard to believe that in about 100 hours i'll be on a plane for california. this trip is coming up fast and I have to really get focused on getting ready. There are countless people I have to see, the business I have do do while I'm out there, and, of course, Mt. Whitney, which is really firing me up right now - in a big way.

I picked up a new daypack at EMS the other day along with some nalgene bottles and socks (they were on sale) and I'm just about finished with the gear I'll need for the hike. I also went to Campmor and picked up a "collosal" bag which will simplify packing.. it redefines "packing light" - the damn thing might weight 200 lbs - but we'll only have one or two bags. When you have a baby, one or two bags makes things a lot easier.

By monday night I'll be eating dirty mexican food in California! First stop is Albertos.. mmmm... burrito de carne asada.. (:

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