Aug 17, 2004

This blew my mind

went on a brief hike today in harriman and lived to tell about it.

jackie jones mountain, which together with rockhouse mountain, are at the same height and the highest points in rockland county. on a coin flip, i decided to do jackie jones mountain, which is located just SE of lake welch. it is identified by a large radio/microwave tower near the summit.

the reason i'm posting about this hike is the fascinating ruins i came across on the way up the mountain. on my trail map, it was listed as ORAK ruins - which didn't seem significant, although when i got there i was impressed by its large size. it seemed hundreds of years old, but there were some relics of modern life which gave away its age, such as what appeared to be a water tank - possibly a heater.

when i got home i did a search to see what this place was. turns out to be extremely interesting.

The trail at first follows the road, then detours onto an older, brushed-out road through a hemlock/pine grove and some mountain laurel stands to the impressive ruins of the ORAK mansion. (It had been built by the founder of the Karo syrup company, who decided in naming his retreat to spell the name of his product backwards.)


amazing, eh? the stuff you stumble upon in harrmiman can blow your mind..

All of the pictures I took: (go here some great pictures of the views from atop jackie jones)

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