Aug 16, 2004

klog - minus 148° - 8/14/04

Steve's booklog (klog) entry - Minus 148º - The First Winter Ascent of Mt. McKinley by Art Davidson.

Fascinating and captivating book - the kind of story you'd think make a really great, imaginitive adventure movie if you didn't know it was a true story. From the beginning to the end, this book is packed with details of the kind of ordeals they faced in their attempts on McKinley. It went into excrutiating detail of the personal emotional feelings after the group's vicissitudes, for example the crevasse fall and death of one of their most experienced team members. Other details you wouldn't believe they survived. This is the quality of book that Left for Dead should have been - a tale of survival against the worst of odds - and where Left for Dead failed, this book succeeded in keeping the reader intrigued until the very end.

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