Aug 3, 2004

nothing like a little highpointing to cheer you up!

Be sure to check out the new trip reports on my highpointing page! Riz and I picked up three highpoints in one day: PA, MD, and
WV! Plus there are some typically wacky pictures there, too.

Hey all you CA people - I'm coming to visit ya! We're leaving on 8-23 and am effectively leaving on 9-3. For a few days before 9-3 I plan to do some hiking - Mt. Humphries in AZ, probably on the 31st, and then Mt. Whitney. Both are highpoints of their states, and if I'm successful, I'll be up to 15! Humphries is relatively easy at about 9 miles with 3500 feet of gain - going up to just over 12,000 feet. If I don't do well on it I won't even try Whitney which is almost 21 miles with 6750 ft. of gain. But if I do well on it, it'll work as an acclimization hike for Whitney, which at 14,494 feet is the highest point in the continental United States.

I am looking for hiking partners for both of these peaks. If you're interested, let me know as soon as possible because I have to secure permits for Whitney.

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