Feb 16, 2005

Death Pool 2005

Finally getting around to it, I'll update the actual web site in a few days..

1. Jake LaMotta
2. Kirk Douglas
3. Gerald Ford
4. Billy Graham
5. Charlton Heston
6. Don Knotts
7. Osama Bin Laden
8. Pope John Paul II
9. Richard Pryor
10. Margaret Thatcher

In 2004, the only person on my death list to die was Rodney Dangerfield - But keep in mind that I started it in June.. So for 2005, I'm starting it on February 16th.

Notables who've already died this year, I probably wouldn't have picked anyway. Johnny Carson's death took us all by surprise, for some reason I thought he would to be as old as Bob Hope. I wouldn't have picked Arthur Miller either.. I've replaced Rodney Dangerfield with Jake Lamotta, the Raging Bull. I was surprised to find that he wasn't dead yet, and he seemed like an obvious choice. The easy ones with known medical problems are: Thatcher, Pryor, Pope, and Heston.. Don Knotts is 81 this year and gerald ford and billy graham are getting up there as well - and I have a feeling their deaths will be like Carson's: sudden and unexpected.. The patriot in me cannot bear to remove Osama. My longshot remains Kirk Douglas.

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