Jan 23, 2005

she loves me, but doesn't know why

my wife had a concerned look on her face..

"you're doing what?"

"I'm going out to get bagels!!"

I was donning my gore-tex, assembling my gaitors and yaktrax onto my winter boots, velcroing this shut, velcroing that shut. Outside there was more than a foot of snow on the ground and 30mph winds with gusts to 50. it was 6:45am. And I had a huge smile on my face.

I was dissapointed, then, when the bagel shop that we love was closed. Bagel shops. closed on a sunday morning. there oughta be a law. unfazed, I walked in the other direction to see if the more-mediocre bagel shop was open. nope. longing for an excuse to be out in the storm, I started down main street towards the mexican food store so I could get tortillas. they were closed too.

i ended up getting bagels and coffee at dunkin donuts. oh well. it was fun, anyway.

last night at about 9pm I walked a mile to the suffern library, sat on the bench for ten minutes and then walked home. God I'm weird. But I manage to enjoy myself.

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