Jan 22, 2005

snowstorm update!!

the snow started here in suffern at about noon. 5 minutes after it started, it already covered the paved surfaces..

that was time for everyone to scurry inside.. me and my hakkapellittas went to the soon-to-be deserted stores. its nice to take care of some errands on the weekend without crowds.

babies r us was light. Campmor was about as busy as a weekday. CVS was a ghost town. a&p was a pretty empty, except for the lady in the mink coat who I had the unfortunate experience of being behind while in the checkout. she took 5 minutes to load her groceries from the counter to the cart- after they were bagged!! meanwhile, we couldn't start my groceries until she cleared the counter so 4 of us between others in line and the cashier watched her slowly and methodically taking one bag at a time, placing it in her cart, tying off the handles - all while talking on her cell phone. at one point she looked up, saw the cashier looking at her, and said, "is there something you need?" unbelievable.

by the way, why would you wear a mink coat to the supermarket? isn't that like wearing dress socks while mowing your lawn? is a mink coat even suitable for blizzard conditions? you have money; leave the dead animal at home and don your gore-tex, for pete's sake.

then i went to 7-11 and had a tasty beverage. its now 6pm, and there's probably about 6 inches of snow on the ground. I'm going to go for a walk later when the wind picks up - looking forward to some blizzard conditions.

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