May 10, 2005

bike update

so the bike came in last week, and boy i've been going nuts waiting for it. took a couple of weeks for them to deliver it from california (the large frame had to be special ordered) and i was hoping the bike techs would have it assembled within 24 hours - i'm anxious to be riding this thing..

turns out that was wishful thinking..

so the bike arrived on thursday and the guy in the shop said i'd get tuesday or wednesday of this week. today i actually talked to one of the techs and he told me a different story.. they're so backed up that it might be weeks before they can even get to it.


it may be an emotional overreaction, but i'm just devastated over this news..
absolutely devastated..

i wish i knew how to assemble a bike.

the worst part - I've somehow injured my left calf. i pulled it or something. it really hurts after a couple of miles of running - so much so that i need a week to recover before i can run again. feels like its an impact thing - so i need to avoid running for a few weeks to let it heal. i was hoping to ride the bike for that time to keep the fitness momentum going.. now i don't know what to do.

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